David Moreno


Pianist and Composer, born in Sallent, Catalonia, 1973.
Licensed in Jazz and Modern Music for the Escola Superior de Musica de Catalunya (ESMUC)
His music is eclectic, descriptive, direct and sincere. These characteristics mean that his work is ideally suited for the theatre, the circus, or the cinema.

He has written, and in many cases performed live, music for shows including

· “MADAME ET MONSIEUR” Leandre-Claire Company 
· “DESBANDADA” Leandre and The Beat Band Company  
                           winner of the FAD Sebastià Gasch Prize 2004
                           for theatre-related arts
· “PLAY” Leandre i David Company
· "DÉMODÉS" LaTal i Leandre Company
· “CRISPETES” Mite-les Company  
· “RODÓ” Circ D’Hivern de Barcelona  
               National Prize for Culture 2006
    · "LIMBUS" Circ d'Hivern de Barcelona 2009
His music has been heard at the most prestigious theatre festivals all over the world (in France, England, Holland, Denmark, Mexico, Brazil, Korea, and Japan, among other countries)

As a performer, he has played with wide range of different jazz and jazz-funk outfits, including The Elastic Band, Lucy, and Miembrillos. He has also performed as part of circus shows staged by “Circ Cric.”
Nowadays this one of tour with FLOTEN TECLES and we are preparing the new show